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SHAD3 (Prologue)

SHAD3 by Dexter Alvaro
(Prologue) “Instinct”

It starts with a hoop dream though nightmares abound before you reach your endgame.

If you want proof, watch the 1994 documentary called “Hoop Dreams.” It was a film about two inner-city Chicago teenagers who struggle to join a college team on their quest of getting paid to play basketball. Spoiler Alert: Arthur Agee & William Gates never played in the Association.

It’s too bad those two patterned their b-ball games before the Chi-town’s legend. Jumping high is one thing. Soaring in the air like an eagle is another. Hooper’s pray to be a predator like Jordan. But many lack the killer instinct, which is why a lot of hoopers failed to make it big or thrive in the league.

However, one Kobe “Bean” Bryant copied and pasted MJ’s formula, and his career trajectory failed one championship short of his idol. Kobe advised us to ‘Dream Big.’ And many young hoopers formulated their plans on how they could make it big in the NBA and possibly owning a team when they retire just like MJ.

Basketball is global. It will soon eclipse Football, otherwise known as Soccer, as the biggest sport on earth. But before that happens, basketball needs to be treated like Football.

The hypocrisy of the system that requires hoopers to attend a minimum of one year of college needs to eliminated, hence, one and done.

When the biggest name in Football was thirteen years old, he left his home country, Argentina, and lived in Spain to train for FCB’s (Football Club Barcelona) Youth Academy, La Masia. His basketball equivalent is LeBron James.

People all over the world know LeBron and Messi. They are geniuses of their respective sport.

Three is higher than two, and you don’t need to be a genius to understand this basic arithmetic, logical reasoning. Therefore, a slam dunk is not greater than a three-point shot. Sorry, MJ, this is where SC eclipses your popularity right now.

Thanks to Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors, Kevin Lai, and Trey Park are now valuable commodities, even if they are merely high school kids. And as such, they must be treated like prized possessions because of their market value.

Who’s Kevin Lai and Trey Park?

First, they are both shooting guards who are prolific scorers and are deadly when left alone behind the arc. Second, they are biracial teenagers who are committed to prep schools and their AAU teams.

Oh, you’ve heard of them. Kevin and Trey are hoopers from San Fran, of course, and probably trending in Social Media right now.


Trey Park, a six-foot-six, organic lighter-tan complexion, with almond-shaped eyes — like a skinny version of Will Demps, wears a gray hooded sweater, thick rope gold chains, crisp pure white Air Jordan 3, around his neck swinging like a pendulum as he dribbles a basketball on the concrete jungle of San Fran while riding a hoverboard. Kid’s got handles and balance.

Do I bleed Blue and Yellow? Stupid question. But, I’ll indulge ya. Born and bred in San Fran Ping Yuen projects, raised by an alcoholic mother.

A random global sampling of tourists, grinning and filming the basketball balancing boy with their smartphones. They drop dollar bills on his upside-down baseball cap on the ground.

Cal or Stanford? Are y’all local reporters in they payroll or sumthin’? Look here; I’m Saint Francis Academy’s starting shooting guard. I average twenty points a game. Three-point-seven-five G-P-A. I ain’t Linsanity, but I ain’t plain white rice neither.

Three muscle-bound men in their late twenties stagger towards the crowd like hungry bears fresh from hibernation. One of the men pulls a gun on the group. The tourists dissipate like the morning fog. Trey stops to dribble, holds his basketball and remains on his hoverboard. The gunman points the gun at Trey. Trey chucks the ball at the gunman’s head. BANG!

Trey lies on the ground with his eyes wide open. Blood oozes out his plain gray sweater. The thugs are gone.

A split-second cut on the video.

Then, a burning jersey (black basketball jersey with white trimmings, printed in white — front: Saint Francis Academy and Number 3) lies next to Trey’s motionless body.

Lemme answer your burning question. Loyalty is for suckers. When all is said and done, we all bleed red. While I breathe and live…green, that’s the only color that matter.

This video most definitely alludes to the fact that, you live by the three, one will die on the hand of a two.

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