LinkedIn Parody of Ice Cube’s classic rap song “It Was A Good Day”

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Just waking up in the morning gotta thank now
All my peeps that engaged in my post, wow
No barking from the trolls, I stroll
I’ma scroll my feed and hit no brakes no
Gotta give love, peeps who need love
Finally got a vid chat from a peep that
Lookin’ out for each other, gotta dig that
Thanking LI fam, ‘nother emoji post
I gotta go cause I got me a vid thought
And if I hit record, gotta have some captions
Had to stop double check L-I
Lookin’ at my feed no idea like this in sight
And everything is alright
Gotta film this vid, so the lighting’s all right
Checked up my likes and I’m ballin yo
Which post? Gotta post comment y’all
Got me one and done hmm no trouble
Last week kinda bummed felt emo and troubled
Friggin’ LI peeps everywhere sent their love
Can’t believe T’was a Good Day, Yay!

Drove to the spot, checked my mobile for towers
Didn’t even get no wi-fi from carrier mobile provider
Cause just yesterday this spot wasn’t even sketchy
Saw the bar pop up then disappeared on me
No cussin’, didn’t even check for peeps in different direction as I feen wifi connection
Went back to my young bro’s house, his crew was watchin’ Yo! Star Wars
Oh snap! I gotta crap
Hold that in, hold that in, hold that in, hold ’em
Run to the bathroom and I gotta make it, gotta hold it
Yes, I made it. I’m sittin’, contemplatin’
Thinkin’ ’bout that vid post man, gotta go
I head back to the spot, yo
Wifi popped up, I’m yellin’ Yo! Let’s go
Plus, nobody I know in the vicinity who know me, eh
T’was a Good Day, Yay!

Left my bro’s restroom stankin’
Picked up his call been tryin’ to ignore his angry textings
It’s ironic, he blew a gasket don’t ask it
Thee brother’s toilet I clogged it
I blame it on my new dang diet
Pulled out a rabbit, and thank God he bought it
And my bro lectured me ’bout NetFlix documentary better watch it
Forgo that dang diet
Nah, didn’t hesitate, to say, “Yo, bro, that’s a good one.”
Drove back to my pad and I’m coasting
Took another sip of my coffee gotta get my caffeine fix I feenin
I was glad that filming that vid worked out
Wifi didn’t let me down, gotta geek out
Today was like one of ’em Black Mirror scene
Didn’t even see my low-bat flash on my mobile phone
No Uber driver driving cray fo his hustle
Twelve in the morning, sleepy, gotta upload this vid faster
Even saw peeps from different continents postin’
Sleepy as heck but vid just keeps loadin’
Half way there and my laptop’s heatin’ up
Today I didn’t even have to use my charger
I gotta say T’was a Good Day, Yay!

Hey wait, wait a minute J-Kove, my man, stop it
What the heck am I thinking about?



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