Mixie’s Rap (Verse 1)

Girl Grolar Bear called “Mixie Mirage” is for real
Half Grizzly, half Polar, I’m the real deal
Polar mama from Alaska nags me to be an educator
Following my pipe dream in Cali to be the next big rapper.

Life can be cold at times, especially for a mixed bear
In Kodiak, Alaska, groomed to be a respected Polar educator
Can’t ignore the fact that my Grizzly entertainer blood flow
Freely, and I feel like I’m stuck in my death scenario.
Don’t know why my mother doubt my skill and talent
Though I can be shy, recluse at times, my flow is tight.
It doesn’t help my confidence when my biggest enemy –
Princess is rumored to be my mother’s, secret baby
Check, check, check out my dilemma, Yo!
Should I be a good daughter and follow?
What about my passion, should I give it up?
Or jet down to Cali and see if they dig my rap?
Perhaps I should follow Sealio’s laid out scheme
My conscience tells me, “No!” What ’bout my dream?
Not going to ignore my passion for being a prolific rapper
I have to be my own biggest fan, a shameless promoter.

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