Why LinkedIn’s “The Ugly Duckling” of Social Media

Social commentary, musing, on why LinkedIn gets no love from social media enthusiasts.

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The Ugly Duckling IMAGE

(Image Credit: Google Images)

I know it breaks your heart
Moved to the city in a broke-down car
And four years, no calls
Now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar
And I, I, I, I, I can’t stop
No, I, I, I, I, I can’t stop

Ok. You can stop singing now. Don’t deny it. You like that song CLOSER by “The Chainsmokers” feat. Halsey, too, am I right? Ya-huh!

Before I get to my main topic: LinkedIn as “The Ugly Duckling” of Social Media-sphere, kindly allow me to draw a parallel.

The Chainsmokers ain’t David Guetta or Daft Punk. I get it. And yet they’ve won a Grammy, couple of AMA’s, four Billboard Music Awards, however, zero Kid’s Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Wait, what?! No love from Kids and People’s, for realz? Mm-hmm.

Chill, a-ight. I’m getting to my point. To quote the Chainsmokers of my generation, “The Black Eyed Peas,” Where Is The Love?

LinkedIn has been bashed by active, casual, seasonal users as an amalgamation of Carlton Banks, Hilary Banks, and Will Smith. Once again, another reference from my generation.

Why Carlton Banks?

  • Because LinkedIn’s supposed to be the overachiever that never reaches its potential, like Carlton.
  • Because LinkedIn has been ridiculed as having short reach. Yup, like Carlton.
  • Because LinkedIn dances to the beat of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual.” You know it. Like Carlton.

Why Hilary Banks?

  • Um…’coz, you know, LinkedIn’s like super-rich like daddy, aka Philip Banks. Well, duh! His name speaks for itself.
  • Also…um, LinkedIn is busy accessorizing like a So-Cal socialite, ya know.
  • What else? Um…well, I just don’t want to do this anymore, mm-kay?

Why Will Smith?

  • Yo, yo, check this, G (short for Google.) Can’t touch LinkedIn, we’s fresh like a new pair of Jordans.
  • Cheerio! LinkedIn’s fly as Geoffrey Butler. Nah, man. Jus playin’. Fly like Master William, of course.
  • Check it out, my man. LinkedIn’s like Prince, ya know? Ya ain’t got to check with C-Note (Carlton’s hood persona) to figure out your network. Know what I’m sayin’?

YOU KNOW WHAT? No matter what those LinkedIn haters say, I ain’t drinking their lemonade-with-extra-stevia. Just like “Tay-Tay” says, “Haterz gonna hate.”

The bashing needs to stop. Whatever they say about LinkedIn, it’s not true. LinkedIn’s no longer “The Ugly Duckling.” LinkedIn’s the beautiful swan.

LinkedIn is LEGIT. They don’t front at all.

It’s not about padding your CV’s to boost your persona or personal worth. It’s about connections. It always is, and will still be about connections.

LinkedIn is FOR REAL. Trolls get crushed. They get called out and blocked. Human’s need real connection, that’s why they’re on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is THE REAL DEAL. I personally quit FaceBook long time ago because I knew I have nothing to boast about. I’m a nobody, and I know it. Which is why I found it hard to believe that LinkedIn is nothing like the LinkedIn I knew back then. It’s my fault. I drank that darn Stevia-infused-Lemonade, and it blinded me.

Fear not, fellow LinkedIn users, I’ve seen the light. As a matter of fact, I’ve been preaching the value of LinkedIn to anyone who hasn’t yet been enlightened by the LinkedIn experience.

If you love LinkedIn, I know you feel me. If you don’t love LinkedIn, then, it’s time to drink the organic-unfiltered-LinkedIn-spring-water. It’ll quench your thirst for human connection.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to connect with the human race.

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